YoMix: how to clear the traces of cryptocurrency transactions?

Every cryptocurrency transaction leaves a trace in the blockchain system. It makes digital money very vulnerable to hackers, who have recently increasingly launched cyber attacks on the electronic wallets of BTC holders. In the meantime, you can make Bitcoin anonymous thanks to the YoMix online service and similar web tools. How does the process work?

What is YoMix? 

YoMix is a service designed to prevent Bitcoin transaction history from being tracked. It creates new Bitcoin addresses to receive and send funds, mixing them with the participation of other users. It allows you to hide your transaction history and prevent access to data about past transactions. Modern Bitcoin mixers offer users different levels of anonymity. However, YoMix provides a premium level of anonymity, where transactions between two addresses are mixed with other transactions and addresses. Transaction history cannot be tracked and traced back to its source.

Instructions for the users

To protect digital money from theft by hackers, you must first register on the web portal. After creating an account, you can top up your open account with the desired amount and place a request to mix cryptocurrency in a crypto mixer. It is important to note that simultaneously with the procedure launch, a small commission is withheld in favor of the service.

Once in the Bitcoin mixer, digital money is split into many hundredths or thousandths and mixed with parts of tokens owned by other users. The procedure is repeated several times until the trace of the bitcoins accumulated in the system is completely lost. The duration of mixing digital money in the mixer directly depends on the amount of BTC declared for anonymization. Upon completion of the procedure, the bitcoins are returned to the online service user’s account as new tokens, wholly protected from tracking. 

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